Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ri's Birthday

Yesterday was Ri's Birthday, she turned two.  Where did the time go?  It feels like yesterday we were taking her home from the hospital. So tiny, 6lb 3oz, coming home in a Montreal Canadians car seat cover as her brother did. J couldn't get enough of her, always wanting to be near her, talking to her, wanting to help. We all thought she looked just like him. 

From the moment I held her I was completely in love with her. We all were.  It has been such a joy and a blessing to watch her grow.  Happy Birthday Sweet!!  

 In the morning, we went to J's library program.  It was the first day for the fall program.  Ri doesn't know but I signed her up for one too, it also starts this week.  She'll be so happy to have her own name tag. 

 For Ri's birthday....

 We had Balloons!

 We made Cup Cakes!

 While we waited for the cup cakes to bake and cool, we read new library books and ate white Mr. Freeze Freezies.  Just as we sat down to make the cup cakes, I realized that we didn't have enough eggs.  So, off we went to the closest store and got eggs and freezies.

 We decorated the cup cakes & used lots of sprinkles

 We went to Montana's Restaurant for supper.  
I remdeemed our credit card points for a gift card.  Our meal was practically free!

Daddy & Ri!  She was full of hugs and kisses!

 Ri wore the horns and the staff sang her Happy Birthday

 Home for our Happy Birthday, Presents and Cupcakes!

Ri wearing the Princess jewelry J gave her.
She loved it!

Little Cup Cake Face!

Ri had a wonderful birthday, a special day.  She smiled and laughed a lot.   She gave lots of hugs and kisses. 

We are not the big birthday party kind.  Our kids birthday celebrations are usually with family, sometimes with close friends.  We try to do something fun and special. We also don't spend a lot of money on gifts.  We try to find something that they will really like.  They are still at a young age where they are not comparing with other kids.  My goal is to teach them to appreciate and be thankful for what ever they receive.  My goal is that when a birthday is coming up for one child, all the children will be excited.  My goal is that the memories of what we did will be more remembered than what was given.

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