Monday, October 1, 2012

Soggy Weekend & Remembing

This weekend it rained and rained some more.  September has been rainy month - 386.8 millimetres of rain.  The previous record of 308.7 millimetres  (1996) was broken.

We spent most of the weekend inside.  J and I did go out Saturday afternoon to do some shopping.  We bought a turkey, for next weekend, and we picked up some cupcake mix and frosting. J also picked out a cute jewelry princess set.  It comes with clip on earnings.  Ri always notices my earnings and points to her ears, she'll be excited.  I showed J the different colours to choose from: pink, purple and blue.  J chose pink, "Ri loves pink" he said.

 Ri a few days old back in 2010

Tomorrow is Ri's 2nd birthday!  I can't believe two years ago today we were waiting for her.  Terry's mom was here with J and me and Terry were at the hospital.  I was getting a gel done to help start labour.  I had developed gestational diabetes, the doctor didn't want me to go too much over the due date.  About this time, almost lunch time, we left the hospital and was told to come back later in the afternoon for another treatment if this one didn't work. 

On the way home we stopped into Wal-Mart picked up a few items (hamburgers and fries for supper, a new broom, something for J from the baby etc) and I remember thinking "I can't believe this isn't working yet".  Little did I know that later on we almost wouldn't make it to the hospital.

In the afternoon we went back to the hospital.  More gel.  After the treatment while leaving I asked "If this doesn't work, do I come back tomorrow?"  The nurse replied "Oh, it will work."  And it did.  My contractions started in the evening.  But they soft but on consistant and I wasn't sure really want they felt like.  I had been induced with iv with J.  It was different.

I waited too long to go to the hospital. And we had to drive about a half hour to get there.  I remember being in theroom, waiting to be assessed at 1:47am and Ri was born 2:05am.  No time for drugs.  The nurse said if my water broke before getting to the hospital, we would not have made it.  But our little girl was perfect, so bright eye and looking around.  After we were settled a bit and Terry moved our vehicle from the front doors, he called his mom to tell her we had the baby.  Nanny was funny "What?  You guys just left!"

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