Friday, October 12, 2012

Thanksgivng Weekend

It's just after midnight and I'm still up.  Going to be a sleepy day tomorrow.  The week has been going by so quickly.  I can't believe it's Friday again.

Thanksgiving was good. We had our turkey on Sunday. And we finally got to use our new roasting pan I bought on sale earlier in the summer.  Last Christmas when we got ready to cook the turkey, I realized I forgot to pick up a pan!  Usually I buy a foil pan to cook the turkey in, but I had forgotten.  We ended up using a cornell dish.  Thank goodness it worked.  So, this summer when I saw the roasters on sale, I got one.

Our turkey and new roaster.

Nanny came over for Thanksgiving.  She brought Ri her birthday gift and also a big brother gift to J.  A princess barbie for Ri and dinkies for J.  The kids were thrilled.

Everything went smoothly.  There was no cooking disasters and we actually sat down to eat just before 5pm.  Usually we are running late.  J didn't want to say Grace this year.  He also didn't want to wear a shirt. Ri was wore a cute pink dress, a dress I couldn't get her to wear all summer ("Noooooo" was always the answer), but she said yes to Terry when he suggested it.  

Ri being cute with Nanny

We had scallop  potatoes, vegetables, stuffing (made from gluten free bread), gravy and Nanny brought dessert, cheese cake! 

Monday Terry and I took the kids to the play ground and we went on a wonderful nature walk.  The path in places were covered in leaves or pine needles, the different colours of leaves, it was very peaceful.  I feel very close to God when out in nature, taking in all of his creation.  

 Our nature walk

The long weekend ended with the kids going to bed very easily and me and Terry talking about the plans for the week. 

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