Thursday, October 18, 2012

Victoria Park

 Victoria Park 

This afternoon me and a friend and our kids went to Victoria Park in Truro.  Terry and I use to live in Truro, long, long ago.  We would spend many evenings walking around the park, going up and down hills and stairs.  The beauty of the park always amazes me, every time I go, it is like I'm seeing it for the first time.

 Waterfalls at the park

The kids had so much fun running and climbing.  The further we went in the park, the more excited and playful they became.  I seen confidence being built when we made it to the bottom of Jacob's ladder.  I seen confidence grow as they mastered the stairs.  Outside play and enjoying nature is a value that I believe in.

Ri, little Ri, with her little legs kept up with the older kids.  She walked the whole way, not wanting me to carry her.  Ri even told me 'no' and 'to go', waving her at me, not wanting me to help on the stairs. Of course that didn't happen!

 Ri help to walk our friend's dog.

When we got home the kids were tired and hungry.  J even surprised me by putting on his pajamas.  He also told me that he and daddy couldn't watch plane videos this evening, it was too late.  But the biggest surprise of all was J announcement after supper, that it was BedTime! 

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