Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween turned out to be a very nice evening.  We had a rain fall warning for the day.  At times there would be fast/hard showers of rain.  There was even thunder and lightening.  Me and Ri were in and out of the rain a few times.  But McDonalds had free coffee!

J had preschool in the morning.  He dressed in his spiderman costume.  It was very sweet to see all the dressed up.  When he came home, he told me one of the girls in his class dressed up as a 'pop star'.  

We started to get ready to go out about 5:30.  Our minds were prepared for rain.  We would go around our building, do our street and go to friends houses, like we did last year in the van.  J, who loved his spiderman costume, didn't want to wear is mask.  Ri had a similar costume as last year but this time with wings.  I wished I would have pinned them.  
 The kids out for Halloween.  J saying cheese.  They didn't want to stay for another picture.

 Ri and her wings.  Her fall jacket still fits.

 The kids home showing their loot!

As we got out side we realized that it wasn't raining any more and it felt warm (about 15 degrees).  We ended up walking around, going door to door.  I had to keep reminding the kids to say 'trick or treat'.   One of our down stairs neighbours gave the kids play dough, as we got to the top  of our street, J says that he wants to go home and play with the play dough.  We finished our street and went home.  The kids had some treats, played with play dough and went to bed.  

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