Monday, November 5, 2012

Over the Weekend....

I had my Epicure Launch Party.  I called it 'Start of a New Season' for a few reasons.  One of being the start of the holiday season and the other being the start of my new season of life.  

With Epicure I'm hoping it will help me Get out of the Pajamas.  I'm hoping by doing parties, I will feel more comfortable with public speaking and being able to talk with ease with people I don't really know.   With Epicure, I am hoping that sticking with a diet plan might be a little easier because I know I'll have to get dressed for the parties. 

On Friday, I was very thankful the kids played quietly while I cleaned and tidy up.  For supper I picked up a Ham meal deal from Sobeys, there was no need to put more stress on myself.  And I was very thankful, Terry put the kids down for me and they went to sleep and stayed to sleep. 

Just a few hours before my party, a friend called and said she couldn't come because she wasn't feeling well.  'Oh no' I thought my party is a bust. 

As the evening went on, it was just me, my mother in a friend who also just started with Epicure.  My friend must have seen the disappointment in my face because she said 'It's ok'.  Eventually two friends came over.  I was very grateful and I tried to make the best of the evening. 

In the end, the evening turned out very well.  My two friends that came to the party each booked a party for November and my sales were close to $400!  My friends had placed orders and my mother in law brought orders from her work.

It just goes to show, things may start to look one way and end up in a different direction. 


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