Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sears Commerical

As Christmas draws near I am reminded of my favourite Sears commercial from 2007, I think.  I have tried and tried to find that commercial, but it has been a lost cause

How ever I found the music! When it gets about to 20 seconds, you'll remember it.  I love it!  I wish Sears would have them on You Tube or better yet, put them  back on the air!

When I would hear the music on tv, I would stop what ever I was doing and watch the commercial. If I was out of the room with the tv, I would walk back into the room with the tv, just to watch.

I remember some of the commercials (there were a couple with the same music).  The 'Tip Toer', a girl on her toes hugging a guy.  And my most favourite, a daughter with her baby strapped to the front of her chest getting off the bus in a winter wonderland and the mother was there to great her and her grandbaby.  I was pregnant with J at the time, so that's probably why I remember it fondly.

Christmas is definitely on my mind! 

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