Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sloppy Me

Today went by really quick.  J had preschool this morning.  And as I was dropping him off,  I saw another preschool mom and my friend.  We started talking and she asked me over for coffee.  We hadn't had coffee together in a while, and I did want chat. So I went but I felt sloppy! 

This morning was a rush morning, no time for a shower.  I just hauled an 'whatever' shirt, a shirt that was best hidden under a jacket.  My jeans had a hole in it.  My messy hair was hidden under a winter hat. And of course no make up!  I thought that I would be coming directly home and to a shower and get ready for a day.

We had a great visit! I ended up drinking two cups of coffee!  I also told myself, I should put more of an effect in myself where ever I go. 

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