Monday, November 19, 2012

The Kids

Today, we actually had the sun all day!  There was lots of frost this morning, but still no snow. 

Picture taken this morning

The kids are growing fast and it is so neat to see their personalities shinning.  J's hair is so long.  It's like a big fluff ball on his head.  Oh, but he looks so cute.  

 J out side playing on his bike
We've been letting stay up later than later Ri.  He's so proud!  For some reason he is really in to Ghostbusters.  He's never seen the movie (Terry said he needs to be 10), but he loves them.  During the evening, J and Terry look at ghostbuster videos on the computer; things like toys and replicas of the ghostbusters car.  J is very cute he calls them "Ghost MythBusters" instead of "GhostBusters".  He cracks me up.

Ri trying to pose like big brother.  J fixing his hat.

Ri is so sweet.  She is saying so many words and forming sentences.  Right now she is loving Princesses. When Ri says it, it's more like 'Prin--Cess'.  We have Tangled or Cinderella playing daily.  The other evening she had trouble sleeping.  So I put her in our bed and turned on Cinderella.  She was very upset the previous were on and not the movie.  She kept saying 'Prin--Cess', 'Prin-Cess'.  And when she wants the volume turned up, she put her hand to her ear and say "Hear, Hear". 

Ri saying 'Cheese' riding on her bike.

A few weeks ago we were in Costco and Ri saw the toilet paper brand Cashmere.  It has a drawn lady on the package.  Ri saw it and said 'Prin--Cess Prin--Cess'.

Today we took advantage of the sun and went to the local playground where the we played on the equipment and went on a nature walk.  On our walk the kids picked up sticks for our future dog to play with.  They are sweet.  After the playground, for a special treat we went to Tim Hortons.  The kids got a lemonade and J got a cookie and Ri wanted a chocolate chip muffin.  I told them we could go some where special next week too.

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