Sunday, November 25, 2012

Where did the Weekend Go?

I can't believe it is Sunday night already.  Where did the weekend go?

Friday, J had preschool.  While J was in preschool, Ri and I went to a friends house for chai latte.  Ri is just four months older than my friends youngest, so it was very cute to see them interact with one another.

The weather Friday afternoon was just beautiful!  The sun was shining and it was warm.  I left everything, ( the lunch plates on the table, muffin pieces/crumbs on the carpet, laundry falling over the basket, unmade beds) and took the kids outside for the afternoon.  The kids rode bikes, played dinkies in the dirt, we played soccer, ball, football, walked and J even pulled Ri around in a sled in the dirt.  We came in just before dark, I started supper and the kids watched cartoons.

Saturday, I had an epicure party in the afternoon and spent the morning preparing.  Terry was great with the kids.  In the morning, Terry took the kids to Sobeys for some treats for the afternoon movie.  While I was go to my party, they watched 'Aurthur's Christmas', they all said it was a good movie.  When I came through the door, Ri saw me, ran to me and said "Love you mommy!"  What a welcome home!

Today was a busy day.  And it started about 5am when Ri woke up to pee (good) but then couldn't go back to sleep (not good).  She was at her room door, 'mom, mommy, mommy'.  She was getting louder, I didn't want her to wake J, so I brought her to our room.  Ri would not go back to sleep.  I tried rubbing her head 'no mommy' she would tell me.  Then she went after the cat who was on the window.  Ri would start talking to Terry.  Soon, J had come in the room and we were all awake. 

This morning was Terry's work Kids Christmas Party.  We went to the movie, we saw 'Wreck it Ralph'.  It was a really good movie!  The kids liked it too.  They were so good in the movie.  Ri loved her popcorn and sat for the longest time by herself and then sat with me.  Her little face was so sweet when the movie screen first came to life. 

Kids at the movie!

After the movie, the kids got a gift from Santa.  We went up stairs in the movie theater and the kids sat on the floor, waiting for their names to be called.  J was one of the first, so he went up and got his gift.  Then another name was called, it wasn't Ri, but she got up and took the gift anyway.  Thank goodness I was there, up front.  I handed the gift back to Santa, and said 'That is not her name'.  Everyone laughed, it was a sweet laughter.  And then patiently, Ri waited and waited.  Finally her name was called.  She didn't her it, J went and got the gift for her.  I'm not sure she really understood.

They both really liked their gifts.  J got a spiderman action figure and Ri got mega blocks with animal faces.  We sent the rest of  the day looking and shopping.  We picked up a water cooler (a early Christmas gift from my parents) and went to costco.  

By the time we got home, it was supper time.  Terry had made pulled pork in the slow cooker in the morning.  It was really nice that supper was practically done.  We spent and are spending the evening watching the CFL Grey Cup.  Right now the score is CGY 9 TOR 27

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