Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Amost Snow & A Hair Cut

 Almost Snow

We woke up this morning with weather warnings.  It was either going to be a heavy rainfall or heavy snow fall, we were sort of in the middle of the map.  It started to rain and then snow, big heavy flakes and I thought we actually go and play in the snow today.  We haven't had snow, just rain.  I waited too long, (I wanted more snow), that by the time we went out, the snow had turned to rain.  It was slushie, but we stayed out, and played.  We came in wet and happy. 

 Going for a sled ride in the slush~

J tried to slide down the hill, but there wasn't enough snow.

A Hair Cut

Ri cut her hair this evening.  J did his first and she followed along.  She cut a lot!  The bangs that were almost grown up is now way above her eyebrows.  Ri cried and sobbed - twice.  I comforted her and said "Only mommy and hair dressers can cut your hair". "OK" was her reply and then she seemed better.

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