Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Big Bad Rash

On Friday, Nov. 30th, I got my legs waxed for the second time this year, the first was back in September.  I went to the same place but with a different person.  Soon afterwards, my legs started to itch.  And then by Monday, I had bumps all over my legs, so itchy!  I would scratch and my legs would turn red and puff up.   I contacted the salon and the owner said that a different cream was probably used afterwards.

Fast forward to Thursday, still bumpy, still itchy, still sore.  I ended up going to doctor and got some cream and medication.  Medication that makes me sleepy.  There has been a couple of evenings that as soon as Terry came home I went to lie down.

It's Sunday and they are still itchy!!!!

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