Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Tree

This has been our second year cutting down our own tree!  We went last year, it was fun, cold a little frustrating (Ri kept taking off her mittens, we couldn't decide on a tree, it was cold) but overall  we had fun and made good memories.

We got our tree on December 9th. Our adventure started out good, it wasn't as cold, so need of mittens and it seemed like all the trees looked nice.  My camera started to act up,  the shutter on the lens wouldn't open and kept telling  me to restart the camera.  So, I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked.  

 The many trees to choose from!  Hey, the one behind J looks pretty good!

Ri has her tools and is ready to cut down the tree.

After walking around for a bit, J tells us he has to go pee.  And then Ri tell also says she has to pee.  Hmmm...  We look around, there is no around J pees. Ri tries but nothing.  As we go on she tells us again "pee"  this time she does.  Our little girl, her first time peeing in the woods.  Ri was quite proud "Pee Dad, Pee".  

After all the bladders were relieved, we were off hunting for a tree, again.  We finally found one.  J helped Terry carry it to the van, Ri and I took our time and walked back slowly, she was still carrying her tools.  J was so excited to see the tree on the top of the roof, he so wanted to be taller and help strap down the tree.  That time will be here soon enough.

 We get our tree home and Terry puts it in the stand.  A few years earlier we one with the foot pedal, so the tree can be maneuver.  But this year, it wasn't working well.  Terry found something wrong with one of the pegs that goes in the tree.  So, our tree has a bit of a lean.  And the tree doesn't look as good as it did in the forest.  But that is one thing with a real tree, it's always different, all with a different story, a different memory.

The kids helped with ornaments.  They each picked a branch and went with it.  

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