Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It' close to 11pm, Terry is watching the hockey game and I'm watching the movie Baby Boom.  The kids are sleeping and it's -15 degrees Celsius with a feel like temp of  -21. The schools were closed today.

I haven't been online much, just turning on the computer and checking emails every few days.  The truth, I was on the computer too much - Not even Blogging!  I would have facebook open along with email and would have to come and 'check' for a minute.  One minute would lead to ten minutes.  I had to stop.

Things around here have been going well.  We celebrated the New Year with sloppy lasagna (our stove wasn't working properly) and sparklers.  J turned five!  He starts school this fall, I can not believe how quickly the time went.  I would love to have him home for another year. And we have been staying around the house more (Terry now needs the van for work), there are days I do take Terry to work, like on preschool days.  We play out side in the snow a lot.

Going to call it a night.  I'll post pictures and blog (hopefully) tomorrow!

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