Thursday, February 28, 2013

An Early Start

This morning started early, about 6:30am. Ri was at her bedroom door, 'Mommy, Mommy'.  I get out of bed in disbelief, well sort of, that she was up so early.  We played outside yesterday for three plus hours and I thought for sure this morning would be a sleep in day.  At first I thought she wanted to pee, but no, she lifted her arm up, pointed her finger towards the living room.  She was up and it was time for cartoons. 

With getting ready for the day, I hear about a Winter Storm Watch for our area.  We needed a few items to tie us over until after the storm, so me and the kids took Terry to work this morning. 

Our first stop after dropping Terry off was Wal-Mart.  We picked up some milk and a few other grocery items.   We don't usually buy stuff for the kids when we are out, but today I got the kids some paint, glue and construction paper.  They thought this was the greatest. We have water paint at home, but this was real paint, so it was even more special.  J said "Your the best mom ever!" 

After Sobeys we went home, where the kids painted, glued, painted, glued 
and painted some more. 

 The Art Work
 More Art Work.  J even painted the ocean.  
The very blue sheet of paper is really a red sheet of construction paper.

The kids had a great time.
 They must have painted and glued for about two hours.

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