Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard Warning

 This morning we woke up to the information that the wind chill was -30 and that all of Nova Scotia was under a blizzard warning.  Police were advising that on Saturday, everyone stay off the roads. 

I put layers on the kids and we piled in the van to take Terry to work.  It was cold!  Just walking to the van made my nose hurt. The van said it was -26!  

Things were uneventful and going good until we were about five minutes from J's preschool and I noticed a line going across my windshield.  I thought a crack but thought no couldn't be, I even put on the windshield wipers with washer fluid, but nope it is a crack.  A few weeks ago, Terry was driving to work and a rock hit the windshield. Rocks have hit our windshield before but this one looked like it was between the glass. And this is where the crack started. 

As I was driving I could see the crack line moving, it was strange to watch.  So, now we need a new windshield.  Why didn't we get it fix before? 

The storm is suppose to start after midnight and go all day tomorrow.  Ri and I pick up some groceries this morning while J was in preschool.  Sobeys was so busy they didn't have any carts left in the store.  

I'm happy the storm is happening on a weekend and I hope we don't lose power. 

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