Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feels Something like Summer Time

The past weekend we actually went out as a family!  For weeks, our weekends have been plagued by sickness or weather.  The temperatures were in the low minus to the low plus and we even saw the sun on Saturday.  We got out and enjoyed the weather

Saturday we went to the Wildlife Park, our first visit of the season. We were there over an hour and a lot of animals were out.  And of course my camera started with the
 "Lens error, restart camera"

Terry did take a bear pic with his phone.  

At the beginning of the park, I was talking to Terry about last year at the park, that Ri would have been in a stroller and how neat it was that could walk around the park now. 

I spoke too soon.  About half way though, Ri wanted me to carry her.  And she didn't want to go with Terry no matter how we asked or how many times we asked.  "No. Mommy", she would answer.  How I wished I brought the stroller.  

But we had a great time, we got to see the animals that we sometimes don't see during the summer: the moose, the horses, wolves.  One of my favourites were the otters.  They are so fun to watch.  

Before heading home we went to Tims for muffins for the kids and coffee for the adults.  We didn't win with Roll up the Rim.

At home after lunch, the ball game was on the sun was shining in the windows, the sky blue.  Terry said "This could almost be mistaken for a summer day."  

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