Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's Tuesday again!  I am finding February so slow......  I think it is the weather, the sickness, the being in the house. 

The weekend weather wasn't as bad for us as others in Nova Scotia.  We didn't lose power but we did get wind, snow and cold temperatures.  Me and Ri spent all weekend inside, Terry and J did go out for a bit to shovel snow.

 Yesterday was a beautiful day and we spent a few hours out side and enjoyed the new snow. 

This morning was rainy and foggy.  The roads were bad so Terry waited a little longer before heading into work.  He was cuddling with Ri on the couch when he said that she felt warm and that he thought she and a fever.  Then he yelled out when Ri threw up on him. 

She felt so sick and cuddled with me until the medicine set in.  And then I noticed that my head and nose hurt, sinuses?  Sick again? Same time as Ri? 

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get the windshield replace.  It was much easier dealing with the insurance people than I expected.   Jovy has his preschool Valentine's Day party.  I didn't get his valentines in time for the deadline, on Friday.  I read the newsletter, but it didn't click in.   I have them now and I'm hoping to get in earlier to give them to the teachers.

I think it's bed time. 

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