Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To Remember

As the days roll by and become weeks, months and then years, I want to remember this time.  I want to remember tucking Ri back into bed and noticing she has stuffed some toys down by her feet. I want to remember how she says "Ok Mommy" or "My Daddy".  

I want to remember the other evening, as bath time was ending, she stood up and said "I so happy".    And that one of her favourite shows is Toopy and Binoo. She calls it "Binoo --- Binoo". 

I want to remember how J loves sports and how his eyes light up when we play soccer together, like it is the biggest and most important game ever.  I want to remember how he says "People" and at prayer time we have to bless everyone we know, by name, including pets at times. 

I want to remember his energy, his curiosity and his love to help.  Today he wanted to help with the dishes.  He dried them and put them away.  He did an excellent job. 

As each day goes by, I love them more and more.  I feel very blessed to be their mommy.

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