Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Saturday Night

It's Saturday night, Terry is watching a hockey game, Ri is in bed sleeping, 
J is at Nanny's for the weekend. He left today and will be back on Monday.  He had a few tears in his eyes when he left, he was happy and wanted to go, but he would miss us. 

Ri was sad to see J go, "My J! My J!"  she called out.  And then I put on her favourite show "Toopy and Binoo"  and she was fine.  It is quite with out J.  Ri had time to explore and play.  She even went on J's bed and took some of his toys down to play with.  

During the hockey game I spent a while on pintrest mostly repining.  I love looking at kitchens and projects I can try to do myself.

March Break was good.  The kids slept in until 9:30 most mornings.  We baked cookies, planted seeds and played outside. 

We even went out to eat.  The other week, I redeemed some points for a Subway and a Boston Pizza gift cards.  It was a nice break from cooking and it was quality time spent with the family.  

Oh, and I forgot to mention we woke up to snow this morning.  It's gone now but the ground was covered.  I even had to brush of the van. 

Here's to a Good Night's Rest!

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