Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Expensive Mistake

A while ago I posted that I had a crack in my windshield and it needed to get repaired.   One morning after we dropped J off at preschool, Ri and I went over to the repair shop.  There was a women working and I gave her my information and my keys.  Ri and I sit down and I start getting out the colouring books.  A man who works there walks in the office and the women hands over my keys mentioning my appointment.  He looks and says "Well, who's van is in the back?"

What Happened:
The day before my appointment, a client was in to get a car windshield repaired.  When he/she came to pick up the car, they came in a van.   He/She left the van in the parking lot and took the car home.  The next morning, the worker sees the van in the parking lot, (the windshield is the same size), and assumes that the van is for his appointment.  So, he takes the windshield out!  Then I show up, the real appointment.  When he realizes what happened he said "Well, that was an expensive mistake."

While waiting for the windshield replacement, a women did come in the office, very concerned "What happened to my van? There is no windshield!"  The office worker explained what happened.  The women seemed fine about the situation and she would come back later to pick it up.  

My drive home was perfect!  It was so clear, it didn't even seem like there was glass at all. 

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