Friday, March 1, 2013

Mouth of Babes

As J is getting older, he is saying more things, funny things and things that leave my mouth open.

As I wrote earlier today on twitter, J was talking to my mom on the phone.  She lives in NL and it has been a few months since we saw each other.  So, J was trying to explain to her that he was getting taller.  He stood next to me and then told my mother "I'm up to mommy's boobies."  I just laughed because I couldn't believe what he said.  And it was the way he said it, there was no embarrassment about the word or laughing, it was very matter of fact. 

Another time me and the kids were in the waiting room of the doctor's office.  The kids were being good and sitting in their chairs.  There was a couple sitting next to us, the lady was talking to the kids.  She ask J, "So, how is being a big brother?" J's answer "Hard."

This one shocked and hurt me.  On J's birthday we took him to a local store and said he could pick something out for his birthday, within reason.  I thought this would be special because he got to pick something out, usually when we go into a store and J asks for something, I/we say no.  We get up to the check out and we tell the cashier it's J's birthday.  She starts asking questions about what we are going to do, ect.  Then the conversations somehow turns to Christmas and the cashier says something like "I bet you got lots of stuff for Christmas."  J answers "Ri got more than me."  

I was shocked.  I couldn't believe he said that, but I was even more shocked to hear he felt that way.  My heart broke.  Of course that wasn't true and then I started to wondered what else is he thinking, feeling that I don't know about.  It was a "I'm a bad mother moment." On our way out I talked to him about it.  I explained that Santa wouldn't do that, that we loved him.

Yesterday me and the kids were in the grocery store, and I said to J, "Your being really good." He answered me "I want to stay up tonight."   We tell J if he is good during the day he will get to stay up while Ri goes to bed.  Terry does tell J, he can be 'a little bad' though.

There was no storm yesterday, even though we had a snow fall warning, we didn't get any snow.  Not sure about the weekend weather.  

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