Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We are moving!  I'm excited. But I'm a little nervous.  It is starting over again.  I will miss my friends here and the ability to call a friend about getting together for a play date or go for a walk.

But I do think this will be good for us.  It seems like we have been in a holding pattern for a long time, just circling, waiting.  With this move, I believe will help us get to the next step.  .  I think this will offer a better quality of life for our family. I pray that it will be.

For me and Terry this will be our 7th move.  We lived in Hantsport, Truro, South Ohio (just outside Yarmouth), the Valley and currently in Hants County.  This however will be our children's first move.  Ri probably won't think much of it.  J on the other hand, it might be a little hard on him.  He too has a routine here.  This is his home, his home town.  When I showed him a picture of his new school, he said "I want to go to my school here."   Thankfully we didn't miss orientation at the new school and I am hoping that comforts him in a way.  

This morning was a morning full of phone calls, making inquires for school, etc.  This afternoon me and the kids went out side with J's new baseball bat and played baseball.  Ri came out her pink mitt she got last year for Easter and her ball.  She would throw the ball and run after it with her mitt, super cute.  J loves baseball and he can hit the ball, a few hits were so hard, he made the ball go flying and me running after it.  I wish I brought out my camera, but it is still acting up and I didn't want that frustration. 

It's getting late and I should go and write up our leaving notice.   Oh and did I mention we have snowfall warning? 

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