Thursday, April 18, 2013


Yesterday evening we went fishing, all of us!  

It was a lot of fun.  Ri was very excited to reel in her line.  J was very relaxed but didn't want his picture taken.  And I learned that I can not cast.  I need some practice.  

 Ri pretty in pink, getting ready to fish


  Getting Ready

J not happy I'm taking his picture. 

Ri doesn't mind.

 Getting towards the end of the evening

We even saw a beaver!

After fishing, with a quick stop to the store, we headed home got cleaned up and watched a Duck Dynasty episode.  The kids took forever to fall asleep!  But they did and we had a great evening.

Terry worked on the camera it had sand in it and maybe some juice.  It doesn't give the lens error as much, but now there is a black speck on the lens.  I am thankful to be able to take some pictures.

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