Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Week

 Another work week is coming to an end.  Finally, I find the time moving fast!  We have about 65 days until our move and there is still everything to be done.  Next week will be a busy one, I will celebrate my first year of blogging, J has his first orientation day for big school (an early drive to the valley), I'm going to be part of a yard sale and it's Terry's Birthday.  I'm tired already, ha! No, I'm excited.

This week the kids had a dentist appointment. Our dentist office is about 10 minute walk away, so we walked over, it was a nice sunny morning and the kids did great walking next to me.  It was Ri's first time at the dentist and she did great.  She sat up in the chair and opened wide.  J went next and the dentist said that he has some teeth loose.  It's hard to believe the tooth fairy will be visiting soon, he is growing up so quick.  I was due with J in late December, but he didn't come until January.  And I am happy he was a January baby.  We got to keep him home for another year.

             The kids at the dentist

We spent Monday and Tuesday afternoon outside playing for hours.  We played badminton, freebee and soccer.  We made our own bubble mix, the kids blew bubbles than chased them as it was my turn.  We looked at ants and spiders and just laid in the grass at looked up at the clouds and airplanes that flew by.

Wednesday was a rainy but warm day.  J had preschool in the morning.  Ri and I did some tidying up and playing.  In the afternoon we went to the library where the kids picked out 15 books in 2 minutes.  And we dropped off some bottles to recycling.  

This morning the kids played nicely together.  It rained all day yesterday, so I knew the grass would be wet even though it was sunny morning.  To help burn some energy and for a treat, after lunch we went for a walk to Avery's Farm Market for an ice cream. It was our first of the season.  By the time we were walking, the sky clouded over in a greyness.  But we continued on.  The ice cream was good.

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