Friday, April 5, 2013

The Quick of It

I'm trying to post more.  My gums have been hurting and I'm tried so I'll just give the 
Run Down of the Day:

 ~ Went to the valley and registered J for school.  I am happy to say he likes his school and he is Excited to Go!
~ Got J a T-ball helmet
~ Had lunch with Nanny at Joe's Food Europium
~ Came home and took J to T-ball
~ J loved it and wanted all of us to go.  
~ Ri wanted to join in and at the end of it, she got to run around the bases with all of the other kids.  The first time she ran around the middle of the bases, the second time she ran to first base and kept running straight.  It was very sweet. 
~ Camera is acting up, will try to use cell phone pics

The gum thing has been a little difficult.  It's awkward  (the putty) and I feel like if I push too hard with my tongue my teeth will fall out.  They are really sensitive.    

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