Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dental Surgey

Today I had dental surgery.  I had an infection around my bottom teeth that needed to be cleaned out. It should have been done a few months ago, but I put it off.  I have to say it wasn't that bad. 

 My appointment was this afternoon.  Terry came with me. Terry's mom came up and watched the kids for us.  There was a lot of construction in the city today, or least on the roads we needed to be on.  But we made it.

As I was tilted back in the chair, numbing gel on my gums before the needles, I felt like I needed to laugh. My nervous instinct was to laugh.  I just wanted to sit up and say 'I can't believe I am here.'   I didn't.  It was weird.

 The putty like protection around my stitches.

The procedure lasted almost two hours and it went well.  I kept my eyes closed the entire time.  There was a lot of sounds, pressure and drool.   As the numbness started to set in, my lower jaw felt so big.  Trying to talk to Terry afterwards was comical.  Luckily it wasn't that bad when we arrived home. Kids didn't even notice my puffed checks or different speech.

The doctor and nurse were super nice and made me feel relaxed.  
I felt like I was in good care.  I won't be nervous on next visit.

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