Sunday, May 5, 2013

Busy Weekend - Part One

It has been a busy weekend.  I'm sleepy, it's almost time for bed.  Please forgive if some sentences doesn't make sense. 

Our weekend started earlier Friday morning.  J had his orientation for school in the valley.  We were in the van and driving a little before 8am.  The kids had breakfast in the van,  (banana bread, I made the day before, and milk).  Terry and I had our coffee cups.  We arrived with time to spare so we headed to Nanny's house. 

Terry putting on J's name tag at school.

J was very excited to go school, he was jumping all the way to the entrance. And I am happy to say he enjoyed his orientation.  He said they sang a song in French and English, they played, tidied up and  did a craft. 

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