Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Rosie and Caillou

Caillou is a cartoon about a boy, his sister and family.  Both J and Ri like the show.  The other week, the kids were playing with blankets on the living room floor.  I noticed Ri calling J 'Caillou' and J would call Ri 'Rosie'.  It was very sweet and it was neat to see their imagination expand.  It was also funny, when J would call Ri - Ri, she would correct him and say "I not Ri, I Rosie." And J would continue call Ri Rosie. 

 Being Sweet

My Rosie & Caillou digging

Last week we were out side playing, the kids were digging and I took the opportunity to sit near them with a book.  As they were were playing, and I reading, I heard them once again call each other Rosie and Caillou.  

 I love my kids!  I love watching them grow, I love seeing them play together.  I am very blessed to have them and I couldn't imagine my life with out them. I love you, my little Rosie and Caillou!

Last Friday was Mother's Day Tea at J's preschool.  It was a very sweet time.  We did the chicken dance, J sang to me and when the singing and dancing was over, he held my hand and walked me to our table.  Which I thought was super special.  Sometimes when I try to hold his hand he says 'Mom!'  I thought wouldn't come until later.  We sat with friends, one mom gave me her fruit because I couldn't eat sandwiches.  We talked and the kids talked.  And just like that, it was time to leave.  J gave me a potted plant and a his picture he drew of me, so cute and what a difference a year makes! I/We had a great time.  

 My Mother's Day Plant

 Mother's Day was simple this year.  The weather was dark, grey, clouded, foggy, misty and later full forced rain.  In the morning, Terry took the kids to watch airplanes so I could have time to myself, time of a relaxing bubble bath.  They were gone over an hour, when he came back he said it was so foggy, they only heard the planes, they couldn't see it.  That's love.  In the afternoon,  J and Terry went to the store to pick up things for a homemade pizza (my requested mother's day supper).  We ate pizza and put the kids to bed.  Later in the evening, we watched a movie and cuddled on the couch.  It was a simple sweet day.


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