Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This is Parenthood

As I was making supper last evening, Ri was in the kitchen with me, screaming for a muffin. A banana would not do.  She was on the floor, crying and screaming, I'm trying to cut up chicken for the stir fry.  J's in the living room watching a movie he got to the library. He's quite.

As I am holding Ri trying to get her excited about making rice, the tears rolling down her checks still calling for 'Muffin, Muffin', I think - This is Parenthood.  It is the handling tantrums, waking up in the night/several times a night to help them go back to sleep, it is being referee between two little ones and the must have toy, it is pleading for teeth brushing or coming back in the house for another pair of  pants because a little one couldn't resist jumping in a puddle.

As I get Ri settled down with her own bowl of dried rice, I feel a little victory. I helped her settled down, I helped her to be content.

I remind myself that parenthood isn't just the singing songs, cuddles and pleasant family outings. Parenthood is also about the tantrums, the 'Nooooos', the pushing buttons, the putting the kids back for the tenth time or getting them a drink a water, again.  

Whether I'm reading books to the kids or trying to distract Ri away from a muffin, I feel blessed to be part of the parenthood.

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