Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We have Sun

Terry just called me.  He's at Sobeys and there is a sale on ice cream.  It sounds like a good deal.  I have a minute.  Terry is out picking up a few things for the morning.  The kids are sleeping soundly. 

The days have been busy.  It has been sunny for the past few days, especially early in the morning.  The kids have been getting up early with the sun, too early, around 6:00 - 6:30am. It makes for a fussy Ri in the evening.  I'm hoping they sleep in morning.

I've been trying to pack, got seven storage bins stuffed and yet our place doesn't look any different. It may take a while.  We have 31 days until we move.  It's exciting to start the next step in our life.  But I am also sad to leave the friends I've made here.  It is always hard to start over with making new friends.  

The running is going good.  Annie and I have been out 4 times so far, the last two times I ran for the full 60 seconds each time.  It feels good and it awesome to see the quick progress.

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