Friday, July 26, 2013

A Mama Knows - Trust Yourself

 If I had do this experience over again, I would have done it differently. I have leaned from this and am a better mom for it.   I hope my experience will help you, if something similar happens and to be confident in yourself as a mama.

Sunday night Ri was sleeping and J was in the living room with us.  Nanny found this great treasure at frenchy's on Saturday.  A very cool Hot Wheels road that hangs on the wall.  All the pieces for $3.50.  He was playing very nicely with it, I even remarked how quiet he was being.  J was standing on a chair and he fell.  He started crying.  We rush over to him, pick him up, give him cuddles and when he calms down, we check him out.  Some red on his shoulder and his leg.  He says his arm hurts.

The great $3.50 find and the chair J was standing on

We looked over his arm, no swelling, looked like the other arm.  As Terry touched his arm, some places hurt, other places didn't.  We put an ice pack on it and he slept in bed with us that night. 

In the morning, he said it still hurt, but he wasn't crying, it wasn't swollen or bruised. He played like normal, running after Ri,  but I noticed that he wasn't using it.  If I would hand him something, he would take it with his other hand, the good one.  

I knew/thought there was something wrong.  I called 811, they suggested to go to a physician.  I thought so too, but it is nice to get a conformation.  Being in a new area,  we don't have a family doctor and the walk in clinics I found started taking patients at 5pm.  So, I called my family and got an appointment for the afternoon.  

The kids and I hopped in the van and drove an hour and a half to see the doctor.  Our family doctor wasn't in, but we saw the doctor on call.  He looked a J's arm, asked a few questions and got J to do a few things.  Things that didn't make J's arm hurt.  When the doctor did something to J's arm, the doctor would ask "Does this hurt?"  J would say 'no'.  I was in a little disbelief and thinking to myself "Why is he saying it doesn't hurt?".  The doctor said he didn't think it was broke, but he could give me a x-ray requisition for my 'peace of mind'.  I declined because now J was saying it didn't hurt and the doctor didn't think it was broken.  (That was Mistake #2, I should have taken the x-ray and got it done that afternoon).

I feel horrible now, but I was a little mad that we did a total of a three hour drive and J said his hand didn't hurt.  But by that evening, I noticed that he was still favouring his other arm, and I thought there has to be something wrong.  

At supper time, when Nanny asked "Why didn't you tell the doctor your arm hurt?"  J answered "He didn't get me to do anything to make my arm to hurt".  Wow!  Arrows in my heart!  The doctor didn't get J to do anything to make his arm hurt and I didn't add anything to the conversation.  Felt like the worst mom in the world. 

So, I call up my family doctor to send the local hospital an x-ray requisition.   They did and we go to the hospital and get an x-ray done.  They told me they would send the results to my family doctor.  I thought, 'ok, it can't be that serious or they wouldn't let us leave.'  

The next day I call my family doctor and find out J has a buckle fracture. 

"Buckle fractures occur when the child lands on an outstretched hand. Children complain of wrist pain and refuse to use the arm. The child may identify one area of the wrist as the most painful. The arm is not obviously deformed.

The bones compress creating a "buckle" or bump on the dorsal surface of the bones, which can be seen on an X-ray. The opposite side of the bone appears normal."

Read more at Live Strong

I asked 'What do I do?"  She would get back to me.  They weren't sure if the hospital had taken care of J or not, so she had to talk to our doctor.  She tells me J needs a cast and to go up to the hospital. They will call the hospital and fax papers.

We go up to the hospital, they have the information.  The doctor on duty, recommends a brace (it will cost money) compared to a cast (free) because it can be taken off during bath time and quite time like colouring.  He said, that happened to his daughter and he chose the brace.  I told him I didn't care about the money and went with the brace on the recommendation of the doctor (Mistake #3 maybe? ha!) .   Our insurance did pay for the brace because I asked for the doctor to write it down and sign it.  I thought if my insurance didn't pay for it, I could claim it for income tax with the doctor's note.

Over all the brace is pretty good ( I don't have a cast to compare it). The only problem I have with the brace is that J can take it off.  He is suppose to  sleep with it.  He'll go to bed with it, but he'll come out in the morning with it off.  But it was nice at bath time, to be able to take it off.

J and his brace.  He is looking more pitiful than he feels. 

J needs to be in the brace for four weeks and out of ball for three.  He doesn't seem to mind and is doing really good.

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