Thursday, July 11, 2013

Been Hot and Muggy

We've been in the valley for almost two weeks.  In a way it still feels like we are visiting, in a way it feels like real.  Do I miss our apartment?  Or where we were living?  No.  It was time to go.  The kids are doing well with the change.  Ri asked once to go to "my home"  We were driving back from a ball game and she was tired /screaming and crying.  She hasn't asked since.  I asked J if he missed our old place, he said no. 
He is extremely excited to be starting school. 

I haven't been taking pictures (strange for me), just a few here and there with Terry's phone.  I must have put our battery charger somewhere in storage.  The camera batteries are dead and it was so frustrating with the 'lens error' and then the speck, I sort of put it aside.  I've been thinking of starting a facbook account and post pictures there through Terry's phone until we get another camera.

It has been more muggy than cool here.  Right now it is 27 with a feel like of 36.  Muggy, Muggy, Muggy.  Cindy Day says a cool front is suppose to come in, I hope she is right.  Last week and weekend we spent most trying to stay cool.  We went to the beach, McDonalds, the movies (we saw Despicable Me 2, it was good), the Greenwood mall and lots of driving in Nanny's air conditioned car.

In other news!  I'm still running!  Tonight we start week 5! I have been running more than five weeks down.  Some weeks take longer for me than others, lol.  I also have a new friend Tee, she is around my age with kids similar to my kids ages and she likes to run too!  

Me and the kids are still getting to the area.  I couldn't find the library last week and ended up asking an employee at the Tim's drive thru for directions.  J's ball now has a road schedule, so we will be traveling to the different ball fields, which is interesting for me because I don't have the greatest since of direction.  There are so many things we are looking forward to do this summer.

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