Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Broken Toe and High Blood Sugar

I did something silly, last evening, heading to the bathroom, I walked too close to the couch and stubbed my toe.  Could it be broken?  Sure feels like it.  The toe, the one next to my pinky on my left foot is bumped and purple.  I am hoping it heals quick, I would like to start to go on walks again.  

 A walk along the Acadian Dykes

Yesterday, I also had an appointment at the Diabetic Clinic.  As with my last pregnancy, I have gestational diabetes with this one.  Right now I am on three needles a day and two types of insulin.  Usually, I take my blood sugars six to eight times a day.  Sounds more scary than it actually is.

In my last pregnancy, I was heart broken that I had gestational.  Silly now I know, because she came out perfect.  When I saw Ri, for the first time, I thought it was so worth it, the watching what I ate, the testing, the needle giving, the daily walking.  And how I would do it all over again.

With this pregnancy, things have changed.  The needles are shorter, meaning I don't have to pinch my skin for the needle to go in.  The insulin is better, not being on a strict time eating schedule.  When I talked to my brother about this (he is a type 1 diabetic), he was 'Yea, things are different'.  Well, I said at least we know the research money is going in to research.  

Things I could do better with this pregnancy is the walking.  Last time I walked an hour daily.  Usually walked in the evening with hubby and J in the stroller.  This time, I go a few times a week.  I have really no excuse not to go more often.  Just seems like I am more tired this time around, maybe because I have two kids already and not just one.

I have a friend who loves to go for walks.  And for the most part Ri, doesn't mind going in the stroller.  I just have to get out and Do It! .... But not today, my toe hurts and it is freezing....

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