Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Trip to the ER

Yesterday morning, I let J stay home from school.   He had gotten sick through twice during the night.  The kids slept in for a bit.

We got up and I got sick.  Some times that happens.  But before lunch I got sick again. That is a bit unusual.  And by supper time I had gotten sick twice.  I couldn't eat supper.  I was feeling so sick.

As soon as Terry came in the door, I said "Sorry to do this for you, but I need to go lie down".  Terry put the kids to bed and I slept for about an hour.  As soon as I woke up, I headed straight to the bathroom I got sick again.

Sitting on the couch with Terry watching tv, I had a regular freezie.  I hadn't been eating and I didn't want to go low.  But I couldn't keep that down either.  I was running to the bathroom every fifteen to twenty minutes.  It was nasty and I couldn't help it.  It didn't matter that I had nothing in my stomach, I was still going to the bathroom. I must have gotten sick about twelve times though out the day and there was no signs of stopping.

At night, I take 60 units of insulin.  I wasn't sure if I should take it because I was getting sick.  So, I called 811.  And my keytones were high. It was recommended that I go to the emergency room. Terry called up Nanny, she came over and watched the kids.  And we headed to the hospital, where I got sick again.

To make a long story short.  I receive medicine to stop throwing up,  and it worked!   I also got to lie down in a bed while waiting for the doctor and I received an awesome antacid mixture called a pink lady.  I didn't take my night time needle.  We got home really late or really early depending on how you look at the time of day.

When it was time to wake up this morning I was tired.  And I pretty much felt crappy all day, but I didn't get sick.  I now need to rebuild my liquids. My keytones are still high, I am hoping tomorrow they will be lower.

Over all I am good with my decision to go to the hospital.  If I wasn't pregnant, I would have suffered at home.  But being responsible with another life, I couldn't risk it.

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