Monday, June 23, 2014

Anniversary Weekend Part One

Saturday morning we took our new car  for a drive for the first time. Terry has been driving back and forth to work, but we as a family haven't been on a road trip.  

We started at Blomidon Look Off and then headed up to Scott's Bay and sat by the water.  The kids are like us and love the ocean very much.

The Look Off

Ri being cute with Terry

 At Scott's Bay
 We brought some Tims to enjoy by the water

Rio loving her Frozen shirt.

Jovy enjoying the water and outdoors. 

We even made the 1000 km mark!

In the afternoon, Terry went to help some friends move a few items.  Me and the kids stayed home.  I tidy up and the kids watched a Veggie Tale movie.  Later that evening we went to a friends house for supper. It was a great Saturday.

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