Monday, June 2, 2014

Apple Blossom Weekend

I waited all day to post.  First, I couldn't find the cord that connects my phone to the computer.  Then when I found the cord.  The cord wouldn't work.  So, I wasn't able to transfer the Apple Blossom pictures from my phone to the computer.  

Right now, hubby is working on getting my ultra sound picture off my phone.  I had an ultra sound today.  They let me take a picture. I'll post about it later (here).

Hubby did it!  He got the pictures of my phone with a thing called the 'Blackberry Bridge'

Back to Apple Blossom Weekend.  We didn't get to do as much as I would have liked.  I was tried this weekend and couldn't push my self to do more.  Friday night, we took the kids to see the fireworks.  We had to park about a ten minute walk away, not bad.  It was a warm night and lots of people were out. 

 Fire  Works!

At the end of the fireworks, we met up with friends ours and we chatted with them for a bit.  By the time we got some Tims, put the kids to bed, we didn't go to bed until after midnight.  Very late for us.  We all slept in Saturday, so much so, we missed the kids parade.

But we did make it to the afternoon parade.  Again, it was a nice sunny day, so Terry suggested we walked.

The beginning of the parade. Ri is beside me.

Some of the Floats....

 One of J's favourites

 The crowd cheered and clapped as they walked by
Scott Brison,our MP and Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil

 Ri watched intently.  Here favourite was all the princesses 

J's turn to sit with me.  Even though he doesn't look happy, after I showed him this picture, he said he was. He wanted to keep watching the parade, not pose for pictures.

Nanny met us at the parade, so JoJo ended up going with her for a bit and we walked home with a stop at Tims along away for a cold drink.

Sunday we didn't do any thing Apple Blossom related. Nanny came over and Terry and I went to the movies.  We saw 'The Grand Seduction'.  We liked it a lot.

Next Apple Blossom weekend, our baby will be about 7 months old.  So excited to meet him or her.

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