Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Love my Mini Van

I know there are a lot of people out there who do not like the mini van, including my husband.  But I have to say I love my mini van.

Top three reasons are: 

1. Easy Access to the Third Row
It is very easy for the kids to get to the third row.  They go right threw the middle. No trying to push down, push up seats which is really important when car seats are being used. This will be especially true in the fall when baby number three arrives.  We'll have one booster and two car seats.  J will be in the third row, Ri and the baby (both in car seats) will be in the second row.   So when we are out together or picking J up from school, he'll have easy access to the third row.

2. Sliding Doors
It is so convenient in parking lots. I am not worried about banging the door against the vehicle next to me. It seems like they are making the parking spaces smaller (expect for Costco).  I am able to buckle the kids in with out thinking I am in the way of others trying to get into their vechicle. 
Once I was out with a friend in my mini van and one of the kids needed me.  I pulled over to the side of the road and opened the passenger door on the driver's side. When I got back in, my friend said to me "I couldn't have done that in my truck, I would had to walk around the passenger side."  We were even a safe distance off the road.

3. Space 
Minivans have a lot of room and there is the option of taking out the second and third row seating.  We have done this many times.  Actually that is how we moved our stuff from Nanny's place and our storage unit, we used our minivan.  Terry took out the second and third row seating and we moved our couch, beds, table, dressers, everything.  I must say though that we have an extended version, so our big couch slid right in, even closed the lift gate. 

My other favourite things about the minivan, which could also be said about an SUV and/or a truck: sitting higher, the number of windows (easy to see out of) and the ability to hold seven people.  There have been plenty of times friends have come with us and I have been able to help others because of it's capacity. 

Our minvan: We have a Chevy Uplander.  
When I heard Chevy was not making the minivan any more, I wrote them an email expressing how much I love the minivan.  My response was that they were replacing the minivan with the Orlando and how it would be a good replacement. But I though to myself "What about easy access to the third row?" If the kids no longer need car seats, third row access isn't that much of an issue.  But if you have car seats in the second row, it is an issue.  My second though was "Who else makes minivans?" 

Do I like SUVs and CrossOvers?  Yes.  

What does my husband want instead of a minivan?  A truck.  

 I don't have a Toyota minvan, but I love this video!

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