Friday, June 13, 2014

No, I have to Fart

Yesterday Ri went to preschool in the morning and in the afternoon Ri and I went to J's school.  The school had a "Dance Festival'.  All the grades dressed in different clothes and danced to a different song.  J's grade wore pajamas and danced to 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'.  J wasn't overly impressed with the song.  But it was very cute to watch. 

 J in the school gym

Ri at this age, unlike J, doesn't stay still for long.  When we first got there, she kept asking "When it was going to start?" I gave her my phone to take pictures, that lasted for a while.  Then she fell off the chair and cried and cried.  Luckily we were close to the open door and I took her out, cuddled her and helped her calm down.  I think she got more of a fright than hurt.  

Ri taking pictures

However, Ri did get hurt later on that afternoon.  We went to Sobeys to pick up some bread and on the way back to the van she ran and fell.  Big bump on her forehead and scrapes on her knees.  It is looking better this morning. 

 In between after school and ball, we set up our (Dollarama find) pool on the deck. 
The kids had never had this before (another post) and had so much fun.

The kids went to bed a little later than usual last night.  J's baseball ran late, I had to stop into a friends house on the way home and Terry also had ball that evening (which means I put both kids to bed by myself, one than the other).  It is usually not hard, just that J stays up a little longer while I get Ri settled in.

It was just a few minutes after we (Terry and I) went to bed, when we heard one of the kids bedroom door open.  We waited to hear/see who it was.  It was J.  He came in our room, he came towards our bed and then towards the wall opposite of the door.  

I got out of bed, thinking J was confusing our bedroom with the bath room.  So, I said to J "Do you have to pee?"  He answers me "No, I have to fart".  Me and Terry both cracked up.  J must have been in a sleepy sort of state.  I put him back to bed and about a half hour later, we heard up going in the right direction, to the bathroom. 


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