Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our New Car

On Monday we purchased our very first new vehicle, 
a 2014 Volkswagen Golf Wagon TDI.  

We were not planning on buying a vehicle that day. But we had been looking.  We knew we wanted a diesel.  Terry travels back and forth to the city, so this made the most cents (if you get my meaning).  Terry talked to several of his co-workers who have a diesel Volkswagen, he read reviews on line, he did his research and was comfortable with pursing a Volkswagen.  

During the Spring, we visited Valley Volkswagen and spoke with a nice sales consultant, Caleb. He answered our questions and we tried out several vehicles, an older and newer Jetta and the Golf Wagon.  Terry had always liked the Golf Wagon.  So, I was very happy when we went for a test drive that he liked the Golf Wagon the best.  

Caleb explained to really see the savings with a diesel, we should keep the vehicle for at least ten years.  That was fine by us. I like that he said that. Terry's car was a 2003 and the minivan is a 2005, age didn't scare us.  Caleb keep in contact with us through out the weeks.

Meanwhile Terry was traveling daily in a car (2003 Sonata that smelled like gas, was loud and need work on a bi weekly basics).  But the air conditioner worked and Terry, only once, spent time on side of the road after eight months of driving. 

 My plan was to hopefully purchase in the fall.  We would have some bills payed off in that time (would cover the new car payment) and I thought / hoped our credit would be better then.  Terry didn't want to do anything  unless I was fully on board, so he really didn't push the issue.
But that is not how it worked out.  

Monday morning, Terry and J left.  I noticed Terry coming back in.  He said the car wouldn't back up and ask for the van keys so he could take J to school.  After dropping J off, Terry came back in looking frustrated.  I made the suggestion of calling Caleb and going to in to see if we could getting a car was possible.   He gave me a 'Are you serious?' look.  

I was.  It was time. I thought about it, if I am suppose to believe in God, if I believe he is in control, if I believe he has our best interest, if I believe he will provide, then why am I trying to control the situation. 

Last summer we tried for a new vehicle, something for Terry to use to drive back and forth to the city.  But it didn't work out.  I was afraid that would happen again.  But looking back on it, it wasn't the vehicle for our family.  It wasn't a diesel and now with a third baby on the way, it wouldn't have fit our family.  God knew this, but we didn't and we didn't understand why at the time. 

When it was time to sit down with the Ron, the financial consultant.  We laid our cards on the table.  We told him we had been on credit counseling, but have gotten out the program two years ago.  We told him that we tried last year and couldn't get a loan.  Ron, thanked us for our honesty and we took a look at our credit score.  It wasn't that bad.  We were happily surprised.  And Ron said something that I was really thankful for.  He said 'You guys have been doing really good things in the past couple of years'.  Our work has started to pay off, it was wonderful to hear a validation.

We left for a bit for lunch, when we came back we went to Ron's office and were told that we were approved (shocked) and then when we heard our interest rate, shocked again.  Terry and I 'high fived'.  We were happy.  

Caleb got our car ready, put the car seats in the van and took our picture.  It was a great day on many levels. We drove away that afternoon.

Waiting for God's timing was hard but in the end it is much better than what we could have done last summer.  And God has provided.

This has been Terry's third day driving.  He is loving the vehicle.  Tomorrow with the old car, would have been fill up day, but not with our diesel. 

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