Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pizza Night!

We love Pizza and try to make it several times a month.  As gluten free options are becoming more common it has become easier and our pizzas have been getting better.  
Before we would make our crust from scratch with non normal ingredients like apple juice.  Now we usually buy 'Duinkerken Pizza Crust Mix'.  It makes things a lot simpler.  
The box can make two round pizzas or one large.  
Lately we have making the large option on the Epicure Baking Sheet. 

The mix. Found at Sobeys and the Super Store

I always have some a tiny pile of gluten free flour on the side.  
I use it for my hands and the rolling pin.  It keeps the dough from sticking.  
The dark speckles are from my flour not the pizza dough.

I roll the dough out on my Epicure Silicone Baking Mat
and cut the extra dough off the edges.

Next I put the Silicone Mat in to the Baking Sheet and add Epiure's Pizza Seasoning. 
We don't use pizza sauce.  It started one time I forgot to buy it and 
 we tried it with just seasoning and we love it!  
The more seasoning used, the spicier it will be.  The kids thought this was a little too much.

Turkey Pepperoni

Veggies with a little Cheese

Hamburger meat with more cheese

Pizza Done!
It was so easy to remove pieces with the Silicone Matt
It was Yummy!

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