Monday, June 9, 2014

Working for the Weekend

I now truly understand the lyric "Everybody's Working for the Weekend" by 'Loverboy'.   Weekends, especially now with the beautiful weather, goes by so quickly.  Monday mornings fast approach and it's time for Terry to go back to work and J back to school.  Time for the alarm clocks and packing lunches.  I guess that is why there is summer vacation.

Maybe I am feeling this way because we had a wonderful weekend. Maybe I am feeling this way because we spent time by the ocean.

 Halls Harbour

Friday late afternoon, J's school had a fun fair as a fundraiser.  And it was fun!   There were different activities setup in classrooms and the gym.  We bought tickets and the kids got to play games and (J's favourite) kids got a finger cast.  Ri got her nails painted and a kitty cat on her cheek.  J won the obstacle course (fastest time) for the kindergarten grade. He was very proud to have his name called.  He got to choose a prize. He picked a basketball hoop that pins to a wall or door.  The kids ate hotdogs and cotton candy.  Hubby joined us after work and he and J tried the dunk tank with no success.

Watching 'Mad Science' Experiments
The Scientist made ice cream with liquid nitrogen. 
It was a big hit with the kids. 

Saturday we headed to Greenwood for a little shopping.  And of course it started out with a trip to the Tims drive thru.  I like shopping in Greenwood.  Everything is conveniently located. The Wal-Mart is really nice. It is not too big,  and it seems like things are always well stocked.  We picked up a few pairs of shorts for the kids and some new flip flops.  

We also got Ri a t-ball helmet!  She is going to play t-ball this year, she starts next week.  J is in baseball and is loving it.  He is his second year.

Sunday, me and the kids went to Church.  J was excited because after Church, he was going to hang out with Nanny.  While J was hanging out with Nanny, we went to Halls Harbour.  Terry and I both love the ocean. 

Ri going to throw rocks in the water

We walked, we sat, we threw rocks in the water.  

Sitting on the bench, looking at the Harbour, the water, I felt so content in the moment, relaxed. I dreamed of being able to look out my window and seeing the ocean each day.  

After picking up some snacks at the gift shop, we headed home.  Terry made a yummy stir fry.  Nanny dropped J off with a Happy Meal for Ri.  J also had a great time.  He played games with Nanny, got to pick out an item from Dollarama and eat at McDonalds.

Summer time is fast approaching.  Ri has four days left of preschool.  J has 13 days left of school, but included in those days are half days and fun days.  Me and the kids will be heading to Newfoundland in July for a couple of weeks to spend time with my family.  Terry is going to stay behind to save his vacation days for baby.

Today I am hoping to clean up our place, get the van ready for summer and do something fun with the kids.

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