Monday, July 7, 2014

In Despite of Arthur

In despite of Arthur, our plane took off Saturday evening.  Our flight was delayed by about three hours, but we were one of the lucky ones.  There were many cancellation all day.

Post tropical storm Arthur came a shore Saturday morning.  Our bedroom window was left open and we could hear the wind and the trees shaking outside.  Our bedroom door slammed shut, which woke up J, but I put him back to bed.  I told Terry the weather didn't look good.

When we got up, we checked the arrivals and departures.  There were many cancellations.  Our flight, however, said 'On Time'.  After a while, our flight said 'Delayed'.  I have to say I was skeptical that we would fly out that evening.  Terry kept saying, "We need to act, like your flight is going to leave".  And we did.   

We finished packing, went to Sobey's for prescriptions and called Porter. I wanted to know did we show up an hour before the new time or old time. We show up an hour before the new time. Yes, we don't fly.  About an hour before we left for the airport, our power went out. I told Terry, 'Even if our flight is cancelled, we'll waste some time with the power being out.'

We headed towards the airport, the flight still saying 'Delayed' and now they are more flights saying 'Delayed' instead of 'Cancelled'.  That was encouraging.  The drive to the airport was good.  Ri kept singing "We are going to Met's house".  Met is what they call my mom. 

At the airport, we get checked in and everything with the flight is a go.  We get a little snack from Tims, then we said our good byes to Terry and we headed up stairs.  It was hard to say good bye to Terry.  This will be the longest time, we have spent apart in 13 years of marriage.  Upstairs, waiting by the gate, Ri asked why I was crying.  I said because I am going to miss daddy.

Kids waiting to board
We waited and waited to board.  Terry was waiting in the observation deck.  He would text us when he saw a plane coming in for a landing. I would tell the kids and we would look for it. 

At one point, J said to me "I hope we don't die".  I comforted him and said "We'll pray".  So I got down on my knees, held hands.  J closed his eyes.  We prayed for safety and the pilots.

Thank goodness I didn't see this, but the next day when I was talking to Terry, he said that one of the planes coming in for a landing had a hard time.  And that when the plane landed, everyone one in the observation deck cheered.  Terry said "I didn't want to tell you before you got in the plane."
At last, our flight was called.

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