Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our Flight

Up stairs, looking out watching planes land, we waited to board.  J was good.  Ri was getting tired and a little cranky.  But at last, it was our turn.  We went to the desk, showed our boarding pass and ID.  We got into an elevator, to the first floor and went out side to board the plane.  It was windy and cold.  J jumped up and down with excitement.

We entered the plane and headed towards the back to find our seats.  Out of the 19 rows, we were in row 18.  Ri sat by the window, J on the aisle and I sat across on the aisle.   I helped the kids with their seat belts and the looked around wide eyed as the other passengers  entered the plane. This was the kids first flight and my first in 14 years.  The plane was bouncing around.  I texted Terry, he told me 'The plane wants to fly".

A young girl sat next to me.  She was from the Halifax area and was heading to Newfoundland to spend time at her grandmother's place for the summer.  She was very nice, talkative and a little scared as she was examining the safety brochure right away. 

Kids on the Plane

As people were boarding and getting settled, my mind was reminded of how all Mayday Episodes start like this.  It was very surreal.  At last, everyone was boarded and it was time to take off.  Getting in the air was very bumpy, we would go up, shake, come back down in our seats.  I noticed the blond hair women in front of J, see looked back and she was nervous.  I too was nervous.  Again, Mayday episodes ran through my head. 

J was kinda uneasy, but not Ri.  Ri thought this was is great and totally normal.  She was laughing out loud, looking out her window and smiling.  Later when the flight settled out, Ri asked with speech and hand movements why wasn't the plane going up and down.  her hand motions was that of a roller-coaster. 

The rest of the flight was pretty smoothed.  We got snacks and drinks.  Ri even got a special 'pink princess' drink.  Ri did really good,  J did good too, but he seemed more nervous than Ri.

Soon, we started to see land and the pilot announced that we would be starting our descent soon.  We saw land and water.  We saw the wheels descend. The young girl next to said, "I think it is too early for the wheels to come down".  I assured her that the airport was across from the airport.  The landing was a little bumpy but good.  We landed. 

  Just off the plane.  Met and Poppa met us inside. 

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