Friday, July 11, 2014

Time with Family

Yesterday the kids spent the morning and the afternoon playing in the water, the sprinkler and the pool.  J loves the water so much, he would stick his head in and try to swim around the small pool.

After supper, me and the kids went to my brothers house.  He and his wife had their first baby in May, a boy.  He is adorable.  He is such a joy to hold.  I just waned to hold and look at him.  It is nice to have another thing in common with my brother and sister in law.  My brother and I are eight years a part.  Now that we are older, married, have kids, the gap of the age difference feels much less. 

Today we were going to go to the playground, but it started to rain.  Instead Met took us to Dollarama where the kids picked out a toy, pirate things for J and pompoms for Ri. 

After Dollarama, it had stopped raining.  Met dropped me off at my sil's house and Met took the kids to the play ground.  I got to hold the new baby and feed him, it was nice.  About two hours later Met and the kids showed up.  J and Ri love hanging out with their aunt, uncle and cousin. 

Holding my little nephew, makes me even more excited to hold our little one.  Less than 11 weeks til the due date.

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