Monday, August 25, 2014

The End of August

I don't really remember what we did in August, but now that I look at the date, the 25th, the month passed quickly. The days, sometimes felt long, sometimes over whelming, sometimes busy, sometimes lazy, but mostly fun.

 Kids dressed as aliens for Vacation Bible Camp

Right now I am trying to prepare for baby.  Tomorrow, will be four weeks to the baby's due date.  Last night I experienced braxton hicks for the first time and it scared me a little.  Scared in the way that I am not prepared.  Clothes and blankets need to be washed, bassinet needs to be assembled, diapers and other baby supplies need to be purchased.  Plus the lacking house work. And I should really make dentist and eye appointments for the kids.  

Thankfully over the weekend I got the kids their indoor shoes and backpacks.  At least they will be prepared for the first their first day of school.

And did I mention the transmission in the van is going? 

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