Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Favourite Rice Meal - Ever

This is my  
 Favourite Rice Meal
But then again I Love, Love Rice.  
It's like fried rice with out the fried.

So Yummy!

What you Need:

Can use turkey bacon.  
I use more bacon then shown

 I used white minute rice.  
Hubby prefers rice from the rice cooker, but I was in a rush this day. 
Brown rice also good. 
 Scrambled Eggs

Skinless, boneless, chopped up

What to do: 

the chicken, eggs and bacon together
then add the rice
add soya sauce

 The End Result

Just add some vegetables to make if whole meal.
I don't really measure. But you can't go wrong with lots of chicken, eggs, bacon and veggies. 

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