Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Over Due

I am official Over Due!

Yesterday was the expected due date for baby number three.  Did I expect to go early? No, but it would have been a nice experience.  Last week, I did pack the baby's bag, but I have yet to pack my own.  Tomorrow ...... definitely tomorrow.

Today I had a doctor's appointment and just like last week, afterwards I went to the hospital for a stress test.  They put baby on the monitor and I got to listen to baby's heart beat.  It was nice to hear. 

I sent a voice note (of the baby's heart beat) to Terry.  He got some people at his work to listen to the heartbeat with the question, "What do you think this sound is?"  A lot of the answers "A galloping horse!"  Nope, our baby.  Baby is doing good.  Too good, she/he doesn't want to leave. 

It is Ri's birthday next week.  I am a little nervous about how close their birthdays will be and how much I can do with Ri for her birthday this year.  She is talking about going to Jungle Jims for her birthday.  I am thinking some sort of Frozen gift would be really, really well received.

Because I am on insulin with gestational diabetes, I have been on the list to be introduced.  I am really happy that I talked with the nurse today because I was on the understanding that I would receive the gel treatment like I did with Ri.  But no, they are going to break my water and go from there.  So, whenever I head in the hospital, it will be go time.  

But maybe I'll go on my own.........

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