Friday, September 26, 2014

The Third Time

It has been the third time (and I don't mean baby) I have been really sick with the stomach flu while being pregnant.

The first time happened late December, early January.  I was just pregnant and didn't know at the time.  We were all sick, throwing up and diarrhea.  And for some reason, it lasted longer and harder with me.  Every twenty twenty minutes I was to the bathroom getting sick.  It lasted over 12 hours.  I was in such pain and all I could do was lie there and wait for the urge to go back to the bathroom.

Then in late June, it happened to me again.  Another day of throwing up and I ended up going to the hospital that evening.  I wrote about it here. 

And the third time happened yesterday.  J got sick during the night.  In his bed, on his floor, in the bathroom.  We put him in the bath and cleaned up his room.  It was then decided he wouldn't go to school in the morning.

About 5:00am, I woke up not feeling good.  I went out in the living room and watched tv.  About 5:30am, I started getting sick.  Around 6:00am, Ri joined me and she too started getting sick.  

J slept in til about 9:00am.  He didn't feel good, but he didn't get sick any more.  Ri felt horrible and continued getting sick til after lunch. Me on the other hand, I continued to get sick until 7:00pm that evening.  Ri and I also had a fever which was different from the other times we were sick.

I don't know how I made it made it through the day.  I called the doctor and he told me not to take my rapid insulin and to go up to Labor and Delivery if I felt dehydrated.  I didn't go up.

Today we are feeling better.  Not a 100 percent but better.  

And yes, I am still pregnant.  Ri's birthday is next week.  There might be a shared birthday. 

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