Monday, September 1, 2014

We picked out a Girl's Name

After months of trying to pick out a girls name we both liked, today the first day of September, it finally happened.  It was simple, easy and I am surprised we didn't notice before.  We are still working on a middle name, but that seems a lot easier than picking out a first name.

We have a boys name picked out.  We picked it out years ago, before we had kids, before we were thinking of kids.  One winter evening watching a news channel at a friends house, a father and son were being interviewed on a ski slope.  It was snowing and the dad was holding his 7 year old son, both wearing ski gear.  And I thought, if we have a boy, that would be a nice name.

And we did have a boy, J, our first child.  But before we knew the gender of the baby, we had a name.  The name was good for a boy or a girl.  And we stayed with that name.

With Ri, we had a girls name picked out way before she was born.

But this little baby, whether a boy or girl finally has a name that both me and Terry like.  There is just over three weeks left.  The time has really flew by.  There has been a lot of sickness and tiredness but as the end grows near, it is all worth it!


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